Criminal Intelligence & Fraud Investigation - IBM i2 Project Overview - Law Enforcement – Necando

Criminal Intelligence & Fraud Investigation – IBM i2 Project Overview – Law Enforcement

IBM i2 helps you turn, in near real time, overwhelming and disparate data into actionable insight and intelligence to identify vulnerabilities and neutralize threats. The combination of machine-led analytics and human-led analysis capabilities helps you quickly find hidden connections and critical patterns buried in internal, external and open-source data.

IBM i2 Project Overview – Law Enforcement

The client

  • Police department employing 215 police officers and civilian members with an annual budget of $30 million. The department offers a full range of patrol and investigation services.

The ask

  • When the police stop a vehicle, they often have no way of knowing the risks posed by its occupants. The Department ask was to improve situational awareness and the safety of officers during patrols.

The answer

  • Transform the way that patrol teams work with a solution supported by IBM InfoSphere Identity Insight and IBM i2.

The result

  • With data previously unavailable to them, officers are alerted to potential risks in seconds.
  • Officers now have near real time access to insight into vehicles, locations and persons and their connections to criminals.
  • Improved the safety of police officers by raising awareness of previously unknown risks.

Criminal Intelligence & Fraud Investigation


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