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Necando is actively working with IBM to provide innovative solutions that will add value to the business of each of its clients. Our goal is to implement robust and scalable solutions to enable you to improve service, reduce cost and manage risk. As a Platinum IBM partner, Necando put its skills to work for your business goals. We assess your challenges and processes to drive business innovation and create sustainable growth. Our certified IBM specialists can assist you in all aspects of your projects, from planning and process review, to installation, configuration, operationalization, training and support.

Maximize the use of your data with the right tools and skills. With IBM Cloud Pak for Data, IBM Databand, IBM Storage Defender, IBM Storage Protect,  IBM QRadar, IBM Guardium, IBM Analytics, IBM Watson et IBM Cloud,, Necando Solutions offers you innovative solutions to understand, reason, learn and interact with data.


Getting the best value from your IBM software solutions requires careful management and in-depth expertise

Many organizations rely on IBM software to power their business-critical workloads. Nonetheless, the speed of innovation at IBM makes it difficult to know how new releases, license program changes and shifts in usage patterns will impact your organization. Without a software asset management strategy based on a deep understanding of IBM licensing, you risk enduring licenses that are no longer needed or used, working with software versions that no longer meets all of your needs, and even being exposed to hefty true-up fees and other noncompliance costs.

Working with Necando allows you to optimize the management of your IBM software assets.

Data Governance

  • Automate the governance, protection and security of your data.

Data Storage and Resilience

  • Protect and recover from internal and external threats.

Data Observability

  • Detect data incidents earlier, resolve issues faster and deliver trustworthy data to the business.

IBM Technological Solutions

Complete, containerized IBM solutions to solve common business problems.

With its Cloud Pak, IBM offers a virtualization method that allows you to group the code of an application and all its dependencies into a container. As a result, your applications become 100% independent of the environment in which they run and can be transferred from one location to another, without having to change the application code, resulting in significant cost savings and faster deployment.


Unreliable data is the costliest problem enterprise data team face today, resulting in wasted time maintaining data pipelines, a lack of confidence in the data by end-users, and lost revenue as organizations make bad decisions with faulty data.

With IBM Databand, users can detect data incidents earlier, resolve issues faster and deliver trustworthy data to the business.

Entreprise-scale protection.

IBM Storage Protect provides comprehensive data resilience for physical file servers, virtual environments, and a wide range of applications. Organizations can scale up to manage billions of objects per backup server.

Unified data protection for hybrid cloud environments.

IBM Storage Protect Plus is a modern data resilience solution that provides recovery, replication, retention, and reuse for VMs, databases, applications, file systems, SaaS workloads, and containers in hybrid cloud environments.

IBM Storage FlashSystem can optimize your storage infrastructure using predictive analytics and cloud-based management and support.

IBM Watson® Knowledge Catalog is a data cataloguing solution that provides intelligent discovery and self-serve data. It allows you to discover, govern and protect high quality data!

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