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Thwart the threats

Threats to public and private organizations are increasing in number, frequency and sophistication. To thwart these threats, organizations must manage huge volumes of disparate data from internal and external sources. Security and intelligence analysts are often at a loss to uncover hidden connections in disparate data from multiple sources and gain actionable intelligence quickly. i2 arms analysts with the advanced analytics and threat intelligence analysis capabilities they need to detect, disrupt and defeat physical and cyber threats coming at them with increasing speed and sophistication.

Benefits of the i2 Solution

Ingest structured and unstructured data from internal and external sources, including OSINT and dark web data, to provide an expansive data pool to query.

Merge advanced analytics with sophisticated geospatial, visual, temporal and social analysis capabilities to give analysts a better situational awareness.

Make confident decisions and take confident action by turning overwhelming and disparate data into actionable intelligence in near-real time.

i2: Reliable for the most critical missions. What is yours?

Get actionable information and turn data into decisions very quickly.

Discover hidden connections and get actionable information to fight crime.

Use an intelligence analysis tool to tackle complex investigations and detect sophisticated fraud and financial crime across your enterprise.

Find threats faster, reduce time, costs and impact of cyber attacks.

i2 Group Portfolio

Identify connections, patterns and trends within complex data sets.

i2 Analyst’s Notebook arms analysts with multidimensional visual analysis capabilities so they can quickly uncover hidden connections and patterns in data. This visual analysis tool helps you turn your data into information. The application offers innovative features – connected network visualizations, social network analysis, geospatial or temporal views, etc. – that highlight connections and patterns hidden in the data. This knowledge makes it easier for you to identify and stop criminal activity, cyber threats and fraud.

Benefit from a visual analytics environment that combines data storage, analytics tools, and visualization and dissemination capabilities.

i2 Analyst’s Notebook Premium is a visual analysis environment that combines data storage, analysis tools that integrates reliable analysis tools into a rich data-centric environment. This solution helps analysts and investigators overcome the multiple levels of difficulty involved in detecting networks, patterns and trends in ever-increasing volumes of structured and unstructured data.

It offers enhanced analytics capabilities as well as a local repository to reduce the costs and time associated with multidimensional analytics.

Collect, control and analyze data from multiple sources.

i2 iBase is an intuitive intelligence data management application that enables collaborative teams of analysts to capture, control and analyze multi-source data in security-rich workgroup environments. It addresses the analyst’s daily challenge of discovering and uncovering networks, patterns and trends in today’s increasing volumes of complex structured and unstructured data.

Integrate external data sources and review all your information.

Seamlessly connect to internal and external data sources and investigate threats through powerful multi-dimensional visual analysis. i2 Connect is designed to help organizations increase efficiency of investigation and intelligence analysis activities by enabling users to connect to and search a variety of data sources to which they have authorized access and to bring results directly into an intelligence analysis environment on demand for multi-dimensional visual analysis.

Turn disparate data into comprehensive and actionable intelligence to support timely decision making.

Detect, disrupt and defeat advanced threats. i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis helps your organization turn overwhelming and disparate data into actionable insight and intelligence, in near real time. From national security and defense, to cyber and enterprise-wide threats, the solution helps you develop a comprehensive understanding of your threat landscape to identify vulnerabilities and disrupt threats. The combination of machine-led analytics and human-led analysis capabilities helps you quickly find hidden connections and critical patterns buried in internal, external and open-source data.

i2 TextChart is a powerful, intuitive, user-controlled text extraction and visualization application that helps overcome the challenges associated with the assimilation of unstructured data. It quickly transforms text-based information into a structured graphical format. It allows to conduct data analysis. It identifies the who, what, when, and where in unstructured content and quickly transforms it into structured analysis-ready data.

i2 TextChart enhances i2 product portfolio capabilities and will improve an analyst’s time to value by deriving insight from the mass of unstructured data they confront every day. Documents can now be directly imported into the i2 product they already use and be immediately ready for analysis.

i2 TextChart Premium is the server-based version of i2 TextChart. Both deploy the same engine which ensures consistency, however with i2 TextChart Premium you have the power and networking capabilities of an enterprise deployment.

i2 TextChart Premium allows an effective entity-link extraction from unstructured documents such as reports, emails, and web pages.

i2 TextChart Premium provides the power to unlock large volumes of information from any multilingual source, determines the relevance and relationship of the data, and delivers value specific results on any platform, application, or device from 200+ languages.


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