Improve service, reduce cost and manage risk

Necando Solutions has specialized in Software resale and optimization solutions since its inception. Recognized for our expertise, our pragmatism and the return on investment of our recommendations, our strategy to meet your expectations in terms of consulting and software acquisition is based on the quality and skills of our team as well as on ease of consultation of our bilingual team.

Among other things, we have the Platinum IBM partner status, the highest level of partnership available.

Scalable solutions

Scalable solutions

Our goal is to implement robust and scalable solutions to build and manage dynamic and reliable infrastructure, enabling you to improve service, reduce cost and manage risk.

From assessment to operationalization

From assessment to operationalization

Our team of experts can help you leverage technology while optimizing your IT organization. We assess your unique challenges, bring your technology and processes to the next level to drive business innovation and create sustainable growth, framed by an efficient change management plan. Our certified specialists can assist you in all aspects of your projects, from planning and process review, to installation, configuration, operationalization and training.

The reliability of a partner on Canadian soil

The reliability of a partner on Canadian soil

With Necando, businesses have a local trusted partner to help assess cloud readiness, develop adoption strategies and identify business entry points while keeping their data secure in Canada.

We offer services in both languages, English and French, and manage software resale contracts with many large clients for several years.

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Software Asset Management is a vital process in any organization. Understanding how much software you own, which vendors you buy from, terms and conditions of the contracts you’ve signed with these vendors, program limitations, license entitlements and use rights, user needs vs. license installment, and accuracy of inventory are all essential functions of SAM.

A good Software Asset Management strategy is key to maintaining compliance and avoiding hefty true-up fees and other noncompliance costs.

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