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Data sources tend to multiply in today’s organizations and the volume of data collected is growing fast. Having the proper insight into your data and managing it properly is not an easy task without proper tooling and skills. At Necando, we have experts that can help you put data back in your hands and transform it into value.


Optimized information management

Our solutions enable businesses to manage data from requirements to retirement, boost performance, empower collaboration, assure the privacy and integrity of trusted information in your data centres, and improve governance across applications, databases and platforms.

A Data Fabric is a good example of a modern solution. By adopting a Data Fabric architecture, organizations will make use of their data in the most effective way  in order to make decisions based on facts and up-to-date information. Among other functionalities, this solution automates data discovery, governance and consumption. It definitely represents a competitive advantage for the organization!

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Overview of our know-how

What is Data Governance?

Data governance refers to the process of managing the quality of data within an organization in order to ensure that, at all times during its life-cycle, data is accurate, available, consistent, compliant with legislation, secure, and usable.

More specifically:

  • Is the framework and procedures implemented within a company
  • It covers the different aspects of data management
  • It optimizes management, use, and thus maximizes the value that is extracted from the data
  • It ensures compliance with legal obligations

Data Governance Program

Our Data Governance Program guides you in implementing practices in compliance with applicable laws regarding personal information protection. To implement a Data Gouvernance program tailored to your organization’s needs and to be compliant with legislation, you can contact us.

If your organization is doing business in the province of Québec you need to be compliant with Act 25 which defines the legislative provisions as regards the protection of personal information.

Implementing a business glossary will help people in your organization talk the same language and provide alignment across departments. New employees can also be able to quickly gather knowledge about the core concepts of your business and its terminology by always having a handy tool to query the meanings of terms.

Accuracy of data is critical. Profiling helps understand anomalies and assess data quality. It also discovers, registers and assesses enterprise metadata in order to make smart business decisions.

Your organization must be able to know where your data is stored, why it is stored, who is using it and when it should be archived or disposed. Good practices in data lifecycle management leads to optimized storage strategies and cost savings.

Data is always in circulation either because it comes from external data sources or in order to populate your data warehouse. It needs to be transformed.

Managing test data is not only about cloning databases. Your organization must be able to do better by providing test data of proper size on demand.

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