Innovate and compete with modern applications

For many organizations, leveraging business applications and innovation is a challenge. IT teams must respond to change requests, and also maintain, operate, and improve existing applications.

Moreover, legacy applications typically have large codebase that performs multiple functions. As the applications grow, it becomes difficult to maintain them and to add new innovative features on top of them. Several studies suggest that organizations can save time and money by modernizing conventional applications instead of rewriting existing application code.

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Deliver better experiences with modern applications

Our expertise in modernization and cloud transformation helps you simplify your IT infrastructure, reduce your operating costs, and take advantage of new technologies while minimizing uncertainty and risk associated with this transition.

Our expertise allows your business to adapt faster and at a lower cost to new customer habits and demands, as well as employee new ways of doing. Your company can thus improve its processes by implementing new functionalities in its systems without having to invest massively.

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Modern application strategy

Progressively modernize your technology environment to eliminate reliance on suppliers, reduce licensing costs and reduce operational costs at a price aligned with your needs while benefiting from the full capabilities of cloud-based platforms.

Transform your traditional applications with new cloud technologies using containerization techniques, microservices and virtualization. Accelerate deployment and improve service reliability to bring new experiences to your customers and employees.

As an example, with the Necando Notes2Snow accelerator, you can extract all information and documents from your HCL Domino application databases. You would automatically capture large volumes of documents and extract data quickly. Learn more about Notes2Snow.

Take advantage of the full potential of your new applications and maximize existing systems with modern, efficient, and flexible integrated solutions. Eliminate problems related to variable data architectures and schemas, as well as moving data between traditional enterprise systems and new cloud applications.

Unify, integrate, analyze and share previously siloed data in a secure, governed and compliant manner. Instantly access your data and get in-depth insight to make the best decisions quickly. Get a unique and seamless data experience with a low-cost, low-maintenance platform.

Seize new opportunities and benefit from machine learning, artificial intelligence and a range of other services that are now available through application modernization and development using modern cloud- based approaches.

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