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For many organizations, leveraging business applications and innovation is a challenge. IT teams must respond to change requests, and also maintain, operate, and improve existing applications.

Moreover, legacy applications typically have large codebase that performs multiple functions. As the applications grow, it becomes difficult to maintain them and to add new innovative features on top of them. Several studies suggest that organizations can save time and money by modernizing conventional applications instead of rewriting existing application code.

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Deliver better experiences with modern applications

Our Cloud Transformation & Modernization expertise helps you simplify your IT infrastructure, reduce your operating costs and take advantage of new technologies. It allows your business to adapt faster and more cheaply to new consumer habits and demands, or to employee new ways of doing. Your company can thus improve its processes by implementing new functionalities in its systems without having to invest massively.

A robust, flexible infrastructure is key to optimizing your investments and incorporating new capabilities into your existing infrastructure!

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Typical projects

Existing applications continue to drive up budgets. Software development and delivery is fragmented, leading to inefficiencies.

Build, deploy and operate applications built with containers or virtual machines anywhere in a secure, consistent manner. Modernize to reduce dependencies on high-cost proprietary software. Increase software delivery speed and improve service reliability to deliver new experiences for your customers.

Incrementally modernize existing applications to avoid vendor lock-in, eliminate licensing costs and reduce operational overhead by containerizing and migrating from proprietary technology stacks to open source frameworks.

Get innovative software into the hands of your customers faster than ever with automated tools and expert guidance. Build, test and deploy applications that are secure with verified code and consistent security policies.

Modernization of applications and development using modern cloud-based approaches opens up new opportunities to take advantage of autonomous learning technologies, artificial intelligence and other services that were unavailable before.

Whether your priorities are reducing costs or accelerating innovation to support digital transformation, IBM Cloud Pak for Data helps you deploy services as you want, on any cloud or locally. With its flexibility, it allows you to modernize at your own pace or accelerate your transition to AI with an extensible and open data platform that runs on any cloud.

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