Be one step ahead, fight crime & fraud

Threats are increasing in frequency and complexity. Our expertise helps you turn large amounts of disparate data – such as indicators of compromise and transactional or relational data – into actionable intelligence.

Our solutions will help your team investigate on criminal and terrorist networks, target criminal organizations with social media and web-based data analytics, monitor activity with geospatial analysis, and protect you and the community against fraud and financial crime. Furthermore, our solutions include elements such as identification and entity resolution, unstructured data analytics, situational awareness, and heterogeneous data integration. So they will equip your organization with the advanced analytics and intelligence analysis capabilities you need to fight crime and fraud.

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Our solutions are the result of our great expertise acquired in the field

Delivering a successful intelligence solution requires domain knowledge and understanding of the intelligence cycle. Our experts are the best in the industry.

Since a number of years, Necando has been working with government agencies, financing, transportation, law enforcement and military customers. Our rich and diversified experience combined with the i2 intelligence analysis software are what we are proud to provide to our clients.

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Overview of our know-how

  • Crime Prevention
  • Investigation
  • Digital Forensics
  • Fraud Prevention
  • Cyber Threat Intelligence
  • Structured and unstructured data analytics solutions implementation, deployment and support
  • Social media and web-based data analytics solutions implementation, deployment and support
  • Data optimization
  • i2 Environment Health Check
  • i2 Tools
  • i2 Analyst’s Notebook and iBase implementation, deployment and support
  • i2 iBase database modeling, creation and configuration
  • i2 Analysis Studio implementation, deployment and support
  • Creation of Connectors for i2 Analysis Studio
  • i2 Analysis Hub implementation, deployment and support
  • i2 TextChart implementation, deployment and support
  • i2 Portfolio upgrade and update

We provide a range of services to help analysts and investigators to improve the outcomes of their analysis.

The Analyst On-Demand works closely with your  investigations team to help solve and clarify their concerns and it also provides outcomes and insights of their investigations.

Here are some examples of this service:

  • Understand statistical modeling and analysis of crime data to identify criminal trends and patterns.
  • Developed ideas to reduce and prevent criminal activities.
  • Identify clusters/networks of criminals and present the results on charts in a clear and concise manner.
  • Conduct the research, create and present a visual report of our findings as required by the organization.
  • Create, maintain, and/or update database of criminal activity based on various points of information.
  • Assist in crime mapping, forensics, risk assessment and geo-technology in order to help predicting and halt future crime.
  • Help the analyst to find an efficient way to perform the analysis, respecting the timeframe and budget.

This service is designed to strengthen the crime analyst confidence and efficiency in the i2 intelligence analysis software. The goal is to bring skills in rapid decision making to encourage analysts to provide readily available analysis based on information obtained in near real time.

Here are some examples of this service:

  • Identify questions to be solved and related them to i2 intelligence software
  • Prioritize information (data collection)
  • Find solutions by providing processes, examining characteristics such as How, When and Where the activity occurred to assist in problem-solving using i2
  • Lead analysts in their progress by developing their skills in i2 analysis
  • Implement effective processes and techniques by modeling i2
  • Teach analysts some presentation techniques to deliver, clear and concise analysis:
    • For presentations
    • For analysis

Hands-on training and workshops

  • i2 Analyst’s Notebook Part 1
  • i2 Analyst’s Notebook Part 2
  • i2 iBase User
  • i2 iBase Designer
  • Use Analyst’s Notebook and iBase to their full potential
  • Know your Import Specifications
  • Telephone Toll Analysis
  • Financial Analysis
  • What’s New with Analyst’s Notebook, i2 iBase, i2 Connect?

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