IBM Storage Protect Plus the leading solution for resilience and data protection!

This solution allows you to improve your data protection measures!


A data resilience solution protects the value of your data

IBM Storage Protect Plus is a modern data resilience solution that provides recovery, replication, retention, and reuse for VMs, databases, applications, file systems, SaaS workloads, and containers in hybrid cloud environments. It is easily deployed as a virtual appliance or as a container application, and the agentless architecture is easy to maintain.

It unlocks the value of your data by improving the quality and speed of development, testing, and analytics. Cost-effective data retention, data compliance, and disaster recovery are achieved via data copy to both on-premises, cloud-based object storage and IBM Spectrum Protect, including support for physical tape.

Having a data resilience solution allow organisations to be securely protected and able to recover, in the event something should happen to their data.

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Key features of IBM Storage Protect Plus

Automate backup processes including operational data recovery, data replication and long-term data retention.

A dashboard, SLA-based policies, and role-based access control (RBAC) streamline operations and enable secure self-service data access.

IBM Storage Protect Plus provides data resilience for containers running in Red Hat OpenShift and Kubernetes environments. IBM Storage Protect Plus’ native integration with Kubernetes and Red Hat OpenShift increases developer productivity and provides the ability to protect both persistent volumes and Kubernetes resource metadata to ensure complete recovery.

IBM Storage Protect Plus for Microsoft Office 365 provides backup and recovery
for Microsoft Exchange Online and Microsoft OneDrive. It drives operational efficiency
and helps ensure compliance by managing and retaining Microsoft Office 365 mailboxes, calendars, contacts, and shared folders as part of an overall data protection solution.

Lock down data on object storage using write-once-read-many (WORM) technology and physical air-gap data on tape via IBM Storage Protect integration, for additional protection against cyberattacks. In addition, clients may utilize a logical air-gap via a cloud.

The advantages of a modern resiliency solution that deploys easily

SLA-based policies simplify management. The drill-down dashboard makes it easy to track storage utilization and compliance.

Easy to deploy as a virtual appliance or container application. RESTful APIs enable seamless application integration and easy data access.

IBM Storage Protect Plus delivers cost-effective, secure, long term data retention and data compliance in hybrid cloud environments.

The solution has low deployment costs and is simple to manage which helps produce an immediate return on your investment.

• Backup and instantaneous recovery

• Automated disaster recovery when used with IBM Storage Protect

• Analytics

• Test/Dev and DevOps

• Reporting

• Patch management

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