Artificial Intelligence

Reduce the cost of your operations with the assistance of Artificial Intelligence!

An international corporation operating in the transportation industry wants to organize the working hours of 1000 employees in an optimal way.

The ask

  • Adequately plan the workforce of 15 service centres in Canada, the US and Europe to respond to the rapid fluctuation in the level of operations required based on the weather.

The answer

  • Use predictive and prescriptive modelling to analyze historical weather data and active (current) weather models.
  • Use artificial intelligence to make recommendations for workforce planning and movement.

The solution


  • The Weather Company for Data
  • IBM Watson Machine Learning
  • IBM Cloud

The results

  • Having the right team at the right time with a more accurate workforce planning.
  • Reduction in employee reassignment for a better work-life balance.
  • Cost savings in day-to-day operations.


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