Artificial Intelligence

Seize business opportunities with the Internet of Things!

A remodeling/renovation contractor uses an IoT solution to reduce costs for homeowners and promote energy efficiency.

The ask

  • Stand out from the competition and convince homeowners to renovate their houses to reduce property costs by improving the energy efficiency of their buildings.
  • Provide a turnkey solution for the analysis, planning and financing of the renovation of inefficient buildings.

The answer

  • Use the Internet of Things, machine learning and finance to create an energy efficiency platform.

The solution


  • IBM Analytics
  • IBM Cloud
  • IBM Data Science Experience
  • IBM Watson

The results

  • Effective collaboration between teams to obtain information from collected data.
  • 10% increase in productivity and overall decrease in working time.
  • Reduced time to create and deploy models.
  • They believe that they can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2 to 3% over the next five years!


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