Synchro – Monitoring Tool and Dashboard

Real-time knowledge

Synchro is a real time enterprise infrastructure-monitoring tool and dashboard that acquires and manages data and events from multiple sources throughout the enterprise.

Synchro collects, aggregates, historizes, alerts, dashboards and reports on your data.

Efficient: Each Synchro infrastructure can process a sustained load of more than 200,000 data updates per second on commodity server hardware.

Granular: All data in Synchro is historized efficiently at the 1 second level precision.

One of the most useful and distinctive features of Synchro is the possibility of using values of PeriodStatistics to select a Time Series (in addition to the name of a Time Series). This makes it easy and efficient to display a real-time list (updated every second), of the top “N” clients/products/systems, based on any Time Series.

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