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Synchro – Monitoring Tool and Dashboard





Synchro is a real-time monitoring tool and dashboard that allows organizations to manage information from across their business, regardless of data type or platform.

Synchro collects, aggregates, historizes, alerts, dashboards and reports on your data in real-time and predicts future performance.

Efficient: Each Synchro instance can process a sustained load of more than 200,000 data updates per second while tracking millions of metrics on industry-standard server hardware.

Granular: Data in Synchro is, by default, historized efficiently at second-level precision. It can be maintained in archives for years, if necessary.

Insightful: By proactively recalculating masses of statistics every second, and allowing for aggregation and smoothing of data, Synchro provides real-time insights into changes being made and impacts of those changes.

Scalable: Light and flexible, Synchro scales to easily support data volume fluctuations.

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