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IBM Cloud Pak for Data: Connect the right data, at the right time, to the right people and everywhere!


Improving the use of data to make better decisions

The biggest challenge to scaling AI-powered decision-making is unused data.

IBM Cloud Pak for Data® is a unified platform that delivers a data fabric to connect and access siloed data on premises or across multiple clouds without moving it. Simplify access to data by automatically discovering and curating it to deliver actionable knowledge assets to your users, while automating policy enforcement to safeguard use. Further accelerate insights with an integrated modern cloud data warehouse.

Some impacts of IBM Cloud Pak for Data

Access distributed data 8 times faster and at half the cost, from cloud sources or on-premises.

Reduce ETL requests by 25 – 65% so data engineers can spend more time on higher value work.

Eliminate manual cataloging to cut costs.

One platform, many benefits

Access data across business silos, on premises and in clouds, without moving the data.

Universally safeguard data usage with privacy and usage policy enforcement across all data.

Enable users of all skill levels to access trusted data with tailored interfaces (Code, Canvas, No Code).

Use a modern, high-performance cloud data warehouse to achieve faster insights.

Enhance data usage

Access and unify data spread accross distributed stores and clouds without data movement or replication.

Automate data discovery, categorization and enrichment to rapidly provide business-ready to users with IBM Watson® Knowledge Catalog.

Seamlessly enforce universal data and usage policies to establish trusted data pipelines that enable innovation while reducing risk.

Supercharge analytics workloads with IBM Netezza® Performance Server, a high performance data warehouse with independent scaling of compute and storage.

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