June 6, 2023

Why automating data governance?

Data governance is driven by the desire to increase the value of data and reduce the risks associated with it. In an increasingly data-driven world, automating data governance offers many benefits and addresses several challenges facing organizations. Here are just a few of them:

  • Save time and effort: Data governance involves complex processes such as collecting, storing, protecting and managing data. Automating these processes saves time and effort by performing repetitive tasks quickly and accurately, reducing the manual workload for teams.
  • Error reduction: Human errors are common when manipulating data manually. Automation greatly reduces the risk of errors, as processes are executed consistently and according to defined rules. This improves overall data quality and reduces issues related to inconsistencies or inaccuracies.
  • Regulatory compliance: Many regulations, such as Act 25 in Quebec, impose strict requirements in terms of governance and the protection of personal information. The automation of data governance makes it possible to guarantee their continuous compliance with the compliance policies put in place, by automating the monitoring, control and reporting processes.
  • Data-driven decision-making: Automating data governance enables high-quality, reliable, and consistent data. This facilitates analysis and data-driven decision-making, providing accurate and up-to-date information to decision makers.
  • Data security: Automating data governance can strengthen data security by consistently applying security policies and controls. This may include monitoring access, detecting security breaches, and implementing appropriate safeguards to protect sensitive data.
  • Scalability: As data volumes grow, it becomes difficult to manually manage the entire data lifecycle. Automation makes it easier to scale in capacity and complexity, accommodating data growth without requiring commensurate additional human resources.

In summary, automating data governance offers significant benefits in terms of efficiency, accuracy, compliance, decision-making, and data security. It enables organizations to better manage their data while optimizing their operations and maximizing the value of data.

Achieving this and thus increasing its capabilities requires a set of technologies designed to ensure complete governance, provide quality data and, ultimately, accelerate collaboration. The technology components of IBM Cloud Pak for Data enable enterprises to automatically apply regulatory rules and policies specific to their geography, industry and data assets, securing the entire company, thanks to:

  • An AI-enriched data catalog empowering business users to understand and enrich data, collaborate, and easily access the right data.
  • A metadata and governance layer for all data, analytics and AI initiatives that increases visibility and collaboration on any cloud.
  • The ability to dynamically and consistently mask data at a user-defined level of granularity.
  • The ability to create anonymous training data and test sets while maintaining data integrity.

Necando Solutions helps your organization automating data governance using IBM data management solutions : IBM Cloud Pak for Data, IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog and IBM Watson Query.

These solutions offer you the following advantages:

  1. Eliminate the technology constraints of data governance so users can connect to the right data at the right time, no matter where it resides.
  2. Establish workflow management rules to implement proper review, approval, and release processes using governance artifacts.
  3. Automate data protection policy enforcement and enable metadata.
  4. Improve data quality.



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