Decommission your Domino applications while maintaining access to your data with the solution Notes2Snow. With NecandoNotes2Snow, you can extract all information and documents from an HCL Domino application database. You can automatically capture large volumes of documents and extract the data quickly.

This solution allows you to transform your business operations! It accelerates processes, saves time and costs!


Transform your operations

Necando Solutions develops accelerators that help organizations to extract and manage their entire data stored in multiple legacy or obsolete systems (databases). The accelerators developed with Snowflake Data Cloud Platform offer key benefits such as an improved data accessibility and a near-zero maintenance.

Key benefits of Notes2Snow

Make your data available to your third-party applications, business intelligence or data mining tools. In addition, with Notes2Snow, your attached documents are accessible and indexed.

Stay compliant with regulatory requirements and govern your data.

Preserve Domino historical data outside of HCL Notes and Domino.

Eliminate licensing, infrastructure and specialized labour costs associated with your Domino servers.

Save time and costs by streamlining data extraction efforts.

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