June 1 2022


11:00 am


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Expert-Led Online Webinar





Be one step ahead!
Use i2 Analyst's Notebook Premium to uncover key information in disparate data.

Learn how i2 Analyst’s Notebook Premium helps you to conduct timely and accurate criminal investigations analysis!

Combine the power of i2 Analyst’s Notebook Premium multi-dimensional visual analysis with the storage and retrieval of graphs as well as the ability to quickly gather, analyze and visualize data from disparate sources, while reducing the time it takes to uncover key information in complex data.

Join this free webinar and discover the benefits of i2 Analyst's Notebook Premium as well as the new features of the 9.3 version:

  • Improve collaboration and share content more easily with the new Chart Store functionality. 
  • Easily query and bring external data to your chart with i2 Connect.
  • Quickly create complex queries with Visual Query.
  • Increase your analysis capabilities with the new i2 Notebook web interface.
  • Unify disparate data with the Finding Match function.
  • Easily create a Geospatial connection with i2 ANB.

If you can’t participate in this event but want to learn more about i2 Analyst Notebook Premium, contact us to schedule a meeting.


We look forward to seeing you there!