July 6, 2023

Data resilience enables business continuity during unexpected disruptions

Some of the challenges associated with IT environments are data security, replication and recovery. Data loss is therefore one of the main concerns of IT managers, and mitigating this loss requires the implementation of a storage and resilience strategy capable of securing systems and data quickly and consistently.

Data resilience is about ensuring that your organization’s data is always available and accessible despite unexpected disruptions, such as cyber attacks. It enables the organization to continue to operate, adapt and recover quickly from any threat (system failure, human error, malicious behavior, or a natural disaster).

Data resilience goes far beyond simple data backup. Elements such as data recovery rate, RTO (Recovery Time Objective), RPO (Recovery Point Objective), disaster recovery, data security and deduplication are important elements of a successful data resilience strategy.

The main benefits of a resilience strategy are:

  1. Resilience in business processes
  2. Increased availability (high availability)
  3. Simplification and acceleration of disaster recovery processes
  4. Rapid recovery from cyber incidents
  5. Prioritizing critical data after an incident
  6. Save time with intelligent storage automation
  7. Detect threats

A modern resilience strategy offers significant gains in terms of business continuity, as it enables organizations to protect their data against threats such as hardware failures, natural disasters and cyber-attacks. It also brings resilience management down to the level of business processes, integrating machine learning and automation with storage technology to detect anomalies and threats, accelerate data recovery and minimize costs.


Simplify data resilience with IBM Storage Protect

A well-designed storage solution must scale up or down as demand increases and decreases, and be resilient enough to withstand service interruptions. Data resilience is therefore an essential function of primary storage, i.e. the ability to continue operating despite system component failures or any other event such as a cyber attack. IBM’s portfolio of storage and resilience solutions clearly meets these requirements!

IBM Storage Protect provides comprehensive data resilience for physical file servers, virtual environments, and a wide range of applications. Your organization can reduce backup infrastructure costs with built-in data efficiency capabilities and the ability to migrate or copy data to tape, public cloud services, and on-premises object storage. IBM Storage Protect integrates with IBM Storage Protect Plus to store and keep a copy of the data that needs to be protected. This integration enables companies to leverage their existing investment for long-term data retention and disaster recovery.

In conclusion, the right storage and resilience strategy will put you in control of your business and your data! You’ll be able to store your data consistently and quickly, protect it and optimize its performance.

Necando’s data experts will help you implement a storage and resilience strategy that will protect one of your most valuable assets: your data!


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