i2 User and Training Conference North America 2023 – Updates

The annual i2 User and Training Conference North America 2023 took place in Alexandria, Virginia on Mai 23-25, 2023. Like every year, Necando Solutions attended such an enriching event which featured several updates and enhancements to the i2 Intelligence Analysis Software portfolio. As your i2 trusted partner, we believe that is important to share with you such valuable information.

From captivating keynotes to interactive sessions and engaging presentations, the conference was a unique opportunity for analysts and investigators from diverse sectors to come together around a common goal: leveraging the power of i2 to solve complex investigations and deliver actionable intelligence. As every year, Necando Solutions took part in this enriching event!

The conference kicked off each day with inspiring keynote sessions. The first day opened with Jamie Caffrey, Julian Midwinter, and Adam Leach (Vice Presidents of i2) – who gave a well-received preview of what’s coming in the summer release and some new capabilities to look out for. As a trusted partner of i2, we believe  it’s important to share this valuable information with you.

Preview of the Summer 2023 release

In terms of products, the main release was the redesign of Analyst’s Notebook 10. The product is now more robust and powerful, numerous new tools and functionalities have been added to it. Other products like Analysis Hub and Studio have been updated to improve the analysis capabilities and speed.


New release on Analyst’s Notebook 10, Analysis Studio et Analysis Hub

  • Analyst’s Notebook will now be a 64-Bit application. As a result, the capacity of graphs and the amount of data that can be modeled on them will be considerably enhanced.
  • A new functionality will allow to keep track of entities as you move around the chart.
  • A new highlighter tool which will give the ability to focus on entities and links across the chart.
  • Analyst’s Notebook 10 will introduce 360 View into the desktop app if you are running the Information Store as a centralized database.
  • Analysis Hub and Analysis Studio will have a new selection tools that allow selections based on entity type, for example, by organisation, vehicle, or person. In addition, these tools will be enhanced by the ability to select all single entities (entities without links) with a single click.
  • With Analysis Studio and Analysis Hub, the list of data records will offer a flexible tabular view of graph data, with the option of filtering by one or more columns to group similar items for further analysis. In addition, free text searches will be possible.

Other i2 Product updates:

  • i2 Notebook:
    • Will allows the analyst to make a selection on the chart, and in just two clicks create a URL that can be shared via email, Slack, Teams, WhatsApp or whatever its organisation uses. The recipient will receive the same data set, thus retaining key style elements.
    • Will offer two new capabilities: List records and Explore. Explore will allow users to filter and drill into the data on their chart based on type and property values.
    • Will allow to export charts to PDF and list records to Excel.
  • i2 TextChart:
    • Could be  be used for sentiment analysis, streamlining social media investigations, and connecting a cloud-based intelligence repository to i2.
  • i2’s Online Services:
    • Will provide rapid access to OSINT, global identity data, and public records via cloud-hosted connectors to external services.


To learn more about the full i2 product portfolio, please click here.


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i2 Group is a world-leader in intelligence analysis software. They empower intelligence analysts and investigators to discover, create, and disseminate actionable intelligence to identify the perpetrators of criminal activity. Founded in Cambridge, UK in 1990, it has more than 30 years’ experience in helping its users to solve complex problems. Their products have been proven in countless real-world operations and are relied upon by 4,500+ users in more than 140 countries.

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