May 22, 2023

Every day, IT managers are faced with challenges such as increasing cyber-attack threats, data backup, new data security and privacy regulations, natural disasters, rising data volumes, increased mobility, teleworking, shortages of IT specialists and more.

Data resilience offers technologies and strategies to meet these challenges. It enables the organization to continue to operate and recover quickly from unexpected disruptions, while minimizing interruptions, downtime and material and non-material losses. To achieve this, it is essential for any IT manager to adopt a modern and effective Data Storage and Resilience strategy.

The importance of resilience

Data security (financial, personal, customer) has become a more sensitive issue for most organizations in recent years. To be able to prevent and resist cyber-attacks, companies need to equip themselves with the right technological tools, implement the right processes and train their staff. However, many companies around the world have not taken concrete steps to secure their operations. A Gartner study shows that 89% of managers recognize that digital is an implicit part of the growth strategy, but 81% of them say they have not made progress or achieved their goals for the company’s digital transformation.

Beyond technology, it’s important to implement a Data Resilience Plan to anticipate possible disruptions to IT infrastructure and databases and to ensure that these are properly managed. It is imperative to implement security protocols such as: simulating a business interruption to assess resilience, run regular tests to identify potential problems, use cloud storage with high data resilience, implement data encryption, and so on.


Benefit from modern resilience technology

Having the right resilience technology and strategies in place means that data can be protected in the event of a disaster, and available quickly. Data resilience technologies include storage, data replication, backup and disaster recovery. IBM offers a broad portfolio of products to meet all your data resilience needs. These technologies help minimize the damage caused by cyber threats, such as “ransomware”, system malfunctions, natural disasters and much more.

  • IBM Storage Protect:  is a data backup and recovery software. It provides comprehensive data resilience for physical file servers, virtual environments and a wide range of applications.
  • IBM Storage Protect Plus: is a modern data resilience solution that provides recovery, replication, retention, and reuse for VMs, databases, applications, file systems, SaaS workloads, and containers in hybrid cloud environments.
  • IBM Flash Storage: is designed for comprehensive data privacy and cybersecurity preparedness, from protection and prevention to detection, resolution and retention.



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About IBM

The IBM Storage for data resiliency portfolio, protects organisations against threats including hardware failures, natural disasters and cyberattacks. It integrates machine learning and automation with storage technology to detect anomalies and threats, speed recovery and optimize costs.

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