i2 Summit 2022 – Updates


Last week, i2 Group held the i2 Summit in Washington, D.C., and lots of exciting news about the i2 Intelligence Analysis Platform were announced. As your i2 partner, we consider important to share with you this valuable information on product updates, new additions, and much more.

i2 Product updates:

  • i2 portfolio: the i2 suite has been rebranded to proudly reflect the new independent status of i2 Group as part of Harris Computer.
  • i2 Analyst’s Notebook Standard: new functionality – the Time Wheel function allows users to analyze the time-based data on their charts. This function is also available in ANBP.
  • i2 Analyst’s Notebook Premium: expand analysis, collaboration, and data discovery capabilities with temporal analysis functions, a shareable chart repository (Chart Store) and the ability to connect and search external data sources.
  • ANB Online: a SaaS version with many connectors, multiple-source discovery and data fusion which allow a deep multidimensional visual analysis
  • Notebook Web: accelerate actionable intelligence across the community with seamless web browser delivery and integration to the power of i2.

New additions:

  • i2 Group has recently acquired Rosoka Software, Inc. This acquisition will strengthen i2,s analytical capabilities. It will allow data analysts and investigators to extract insights automatically from a variety of documents such as Microsoft Word, PDFs, and web pages. It will allow a multitude of new unstructured data sources to be immediately exploited by i2’s global user base.
  • Rosoka with i2 TextChart: enables new insights by exploiting unstructured data to enhance and expedite data analysis.

In development:

  • i2 iBase Premium.
  • Enterprise Insight Analysis repackage.

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About i2 Group

i2 Group is a world-leader in intelligence analysis software. They empower intelligence analysts and investigators to discover, create, and disseminate actionable intelligence to identify the perpetrators of criminal activity. Founded in Cambridge, UK in 1990, it has more than 30 years’ experience in helping its users to solve complex problems. Their products have been proven in countless real-world operations and are relied upon by 4,500+ users in more than 140 countries.

About Necando Solutions

Necando Solutions helps North American organizations optimize their most valuable corporate assets – people and data. This leads to accelerated and informed decisions, additional business opportunities uncovered, reduced operating costs and ensure sustainable growth.

Specialized in Criminal Intelligence & Fraud Investigation, Cloud Transformation & Modernization, Information Management & Data Governance as well as Advanced Analytics & Artificial Intelligence our team of experts advises and guides clients in implementing technology solutions that enable operational excellence, collaboration across enterprise functions and data-based decision making. Our experts have been training  and supporting analysts and investigators from several organizations to help them leverage the use of their i2 solution.


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