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Training IBM i2 Analyst’s Notebook

This is a 5 day hands-on training which is comprised of the IBM courses 9i02G, 9i03G et 9i04G respectively. This course uses scenarios based on real-time events and data relative to today’s investigations.  It can be generic or personalized depending on the client’s needs.  The training includes the following themes:

  • A detailed view of tools and functions available to the user
  • The creation of manual charts in Association or Theme Line style
  • The import of data from files with format such as TXT, XLS, TSV, CSV and the analytical approach once the data is pushed to Analyst’s Notebook
  • The usage of tools and functions such as Filters and Histograms, Visual Search, Social Network Analysis, Conditional formatting.
  • Options available for dissemination like the use of a Legend, specific needs for printing, Security behind every chart.


To have a knowledge and familiarization of Windows, MS Office, Web Browsers and File Explorer


  • Analyst’s Notebook terminology
  • Navigate within Analyst’s Notebook chart
  • Searching for information within a chart
  • Creation of an Association style chart, Theme Line chart and the use of the page cover
  • Combine charts and see its behavior
  • Introduction of the Import Specification feature and results in Association or Theme line chart
  • Uses of the graphical representation and its analytical approach
  • Introduction to Analytical function
  • How to disseminate charts


This training targets all of those who have analyst’s duty within a Criminal Intelligence Unit or alike or who would envision the use of Analyst’s Notebook.


From June 5th to June 9th 2017


$1500.00 per participant


AFI Expertise, 1100 Boulevard René Levesque Ouest, # 1205, Montréal, QC.
Paying parking in the basement at a cost of $ 20.00 per day.
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Training i2 - June 2017

  • Version currently used if you have it at work