Be one step ahead, prepare for the future with your IBM i2 solution – Free Webinar

Be one step ahead, prepare for the future with your IBM i2 solution – Free Webinar

Expedite data processing and provide advanced analytics to your analysts so they can focus on producing collaborative intelligence.

IBM i2 enables organizations to analyze large volumes of data to generate actionable insights in near real time. A powerful combination of visual tools and automated analytics helps analysts to quickly uncover patterns, trends and connections that are hidden within large and disparate data sets.


What are the IBM i2 benefits?

  • The Future – With a modernized codebase, IBM i2 is ready for what’s ahead, more able to deal with the challenges we all face in our fast-changing world.
  • Security – Using the very latest technology brings the safest possible tools to your environment.
  • Deployment – A single modernized all language installer for improved implementation.
  • Performance – Significantly faster experience allowing your users to perform their tasks with the speed you expect from a modern intelligence application.


What is the future with IBM i2?

  • Built in Artificial Intelligence analysis organic to IBM i2 to augment the analyst capabilities.
  • Automated Tradecraft to automate hypothesis generation and testing.
  • 360 View to provide you with the right data before you know you need it.


How to prepare for the future with your IBM i2 solution?

  • Whether it’s monitoring industry compliance, protecting against fraud and financial crime, detecting cyber and insider threats, or investigating criminal or terrorist networks, IBM i2 will help you to expand your operational flexibility, improve the cooperation and information exchange, enhance efficiency, and enrich intelligence.


This August 26th don’t miss this free webinar focused on helping organizations be well-positioned for today and the future with IBM i2.


** An email containing the instructions for joining the webinar will be sent to the participants the morning of the event.


Aug 26 2020


11:00 - 12:00




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