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IBM i2 iBase User Training (Sold Out)

IBM i2 iBase User Training (Sold Out)


This course is designed for analysts wanting to use IBM i2 iBase for the first time, or to enhance their existing iBase and Analyst’s Notebook skillset.

This hands-on 4-day course includes the following course 9i13G.   This course will focuses on the following topics:

  • Learning the basics such as opening a database, adding, finding, modifying data.
  • Learning to perform an analysis and visualize data within iBase.
  • Learning the required tools to write reports and query the database.
  • Understanding features such as Search 360 and full-text search.
  • How to query iBase from Analyst’s Notebook and view the results.
  • Understanding features such as Expand, Set Managers, Query Managers, charting settings, labelling scheme.
  • Importing data into iBase and exporting data out of iBase – individual and a batch.
  • Charting data from iBase to Analyst’s Notebook.
  • Security within iBase.


  • Knowledge and familiarization with Microsoft Windows environment, Microsoft Office, File Explorer and the Internet.
  • Analyst’s Notebook training and/or basic knowledge of Analyst’s Notebook environment.

Course outline

  1. iBase terminology.
  2. Navigation within iBase and exploring data using “Find, Record, Browse”
  3. Create, edit, save and delete data.
  4. Creating labelling and charting schemes.
  5. Create single and complex queries, modify queries, load existing queries and delete queries.
  6. Creating, appending, deleting and combing sets.
  7. Introduction to Score Matching queries.
  8. Introduction to importing and exporting data within iBase.
  9. Analysing and charting results to Analyst’s Notebook.
  10. Search 360 and full-text search (if using an Access database).
  11. Creating alerts (Microsoft SQL only).


  1. Understanding iBase.
  2. Methodical approach to all functions of iBase as a user.
  3. Understand all functionalities associated with Queries.
  4. Understand all functions associated to searching data within iBase.
  5. Visualize data within iBase and Analyst’s Notebook.
  6. Utilize iBase functions within Analyst’s Notebook.
  7. Introduction to reporting within iBase.


Oct 16 2017 - Oct 19 2017


À determiner
09:00 - 16:00


Montreal - AFI Expertise
500 Rue Saint-Jacques, Bureau 500, Montréal, QC H2Y 1S1