April 8-12 2024




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Used for over 30 years by more than 2,000 organizations worldwide, i2 Analyst’s Notebook is an advanced visual analysis software tool designed to support analysts in their investigations to combat criminal activities. It provides a single environment for users to collate, analyse and share data and intelligence outcomes. With i2 Analyst’s Notebook, users gain rich visual analysis capabilities that quickly turn complex sets of disparate information into high-quality, actionable intelligence to help them and those involved in intelligence analysis identify, predict, and counter criminal, terrorist, and fraudulent activities.

This 5-day hands-on training provides the required concepts to use i2 Analyst’s Notebook as a tool in the analytical role of the Analyst and focuses on the analyst developing an understanding of the solution’s interface, methodology and techniques to conduct analysis to uncover relationships and associations. This course uses scenarios based on real-time events and data relative to today’s investigations to ensure the student understand how to use i2 Analyst’s Notebook and its basic functions.

The i2 Analyst’s Notebook Training Level 1 includes the following learning objectives

  • Understand Analyst’s Notebook tools and functions.
  • Learn how to create an Association or Timeline chart manually.
  • Learn how to import data from files.
  • Use graphical representations and analytical functions.
  • Dissemination of charts.

Training Content

  1. Analyst’s Notebook terminology.
  2. Review of the concepts of entities, links, cards, and attributes in a graphical representation context.
  3. Navigate within Analyst’s Notebook chart.
  4. Information search within a chart.
  5. Creation of Association style charts and the use of the page cover.
  6. Creation of Timeline charts and the use of the page cover.
  7. Treating calculated numbers within Analyst’s Notebook.
  8. Combination of several charts.
  9. Introduction of the import Specification features and results in Association style or Timeline chart.
  10. Usage of tools and functions such as Bar charts & histograms, Visual search, Social network analysis, List most connected, Time wheel and Conditional formatting.
  11. Available options for dissemination such as adding legends, specific printing requirements and security options.


  • Understanding the basics and working knowledge of Windows environment, Windows Explorer, Microsoft Office and Web browsers.


  • This training is designed for criminal intelligence or fraud analysts and anyone else considering the use of i2 Analyst’s Notebook.