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Used for over 30 years by more than 2,000 organizations worldwide, i2 Analyst’s Notebook is an advanced visual analysis software tool designed to support analysts in their investigations to combat criminal activities. It provides a single environment for users to collate, analyse and share data and intelligence outcomes. With i2 Analyst’s Notebook, users gain rich visual analysis capabilities that quickly turn complex sets of disparate information into high-quality, actionable intelligence to help them and those involved in intelligence analysis identify, predict, and counter criminal, terrorist, and fraudulent activities.

This 4-day advanced training builds upon the functions and concepts learned in Analyst’s Notebook Training Part 1. The emphasis is on advanced import specifications, analysis and customization rather than manual mapping. The focus is on importing data, new semantics features, analysis tools, finding commonalities within and between charts as well as connectivity to third-party data sources to maximise analytical work and speed up investigations.

To ensure that the student understands how to maximize the benefits of i2 Analyst's Notebook, this course uses real-world scenarios based on events and data relative to today's investigations. It offers a certain level of customization since participants are invited to pose their questions and propose work scenarios to the instructor before the start of the training.

The i2 Analyst’s Notebook Training Part 2 meets the following learning objectives

  • Deepen the knowledge acquired during the Part 1 course through advanced practical exercises.
  • Develop import and analysis advanced skills while learning techniques for manipulating charts created with mass data.
  • Identify strategies for creating customized templates for an analyst, a team and an organization.
  • Stimulate consistency in charts across teams and organizations.
  • Learn to create and customize icons, attributes, templates, palettes and chart properties that complement investigations.

Training Content

  1. Revision of data imports.
  2. Usage of Analyst's Notebook advanced analytics tools and semantic features.
  3. Usage of attributes as part of an analysis.
  4. Center of interest of a graph and search for common points inside it or between several graphs.
  5. Introduction to templates available with Analyst's Notebook.
  6. Creation of templates for investigation.
  7. Techniques for manipulating graphs created with mass data.
  8. Customization and creation of icons, attributes, palettes and graph properties to enrich investigations.
  9. Resolve disparate data on your chart using Find Matching Records function.


  • Participants partaken to an Analyst’s Notebook Part 1 course with a recognized i2 training provider.


  • This advanced training is intended for criminal intelligence or fraud analysts and anyone else who is working in that domain.


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