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  • strongly agreeagreedisagreestrongly disagree
    ... the training was well structured.
    ... the objectives of the training were clearly stated.
    ... the instructor was dynamic and captivating.
    ... the learning activities allowed me to achieve the objectives of the training.
    ... I had the opportunity to ask my questions.
    ... what I learned during this training will be beneficial to me.
  • strongly agreeagreedisagreestrongly disagree
    ... was adapted to my level of knowledge.
    ... was relevant in my current work context.
    ... was presented clearly and in an interesting way.
    ... seems to me up to date in relation to what I perceive of the subject.
    ... corresponds to the objectives.
  • strongly agreeagreedisagreestrongly disagree
    ... the distance learning tools (VM, Video Conferencing System) were easy to use and stable.
    ... the sound quality met my expectations.
    ... the video quality met my expectations.
    ... the schedule was convenient.
    ... the duration of the training was appropriate.
  • strongly agreeagreedisagreestrongly disagree


25-27 septembre 2023




Formations techniques à venir


Instructor-Led Online Training





This 3-day advanced workshop targets the analysts who want to further their knowledge in telephone analysis. The emphasis is on hands-on familiarization and obtaining results in a timely manner.


Workshop content

This specialized workshop is scenario-driven and includes the following themes:

  • Review of standard Analyst’s Notebook functions learned in Analyst’s Notebook Part 1.
  • Review of import specifications.
  • Review of Analyst's Notebook model concept.
  • Creation of model for telephone analysis.
  • Based on scenarios, in-depth study of telephone data using imports and analysis tools.
  • Functions and conceptual techniques applied specifically to high volume telephone call examinations.
  • Presentation of results in graphs and reports.


  • Understanding the basics and working knowledge of Windows environment, Windows Explorer, Microsoft Office and Web browsers.
  • In-depth technical knowledge of ANB 1 & 2 (practical & analytical).


  • This workshop is designed for criminal intelligence or fraud analysts and anyone else using i2 Analyst’s Notebook.

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