Collaboration and Social Business

Analytics and Information Management

Strategic Consulting


Achieve your business objectives through sound technology and effective project processes.


We assist leaders of organizations to carefully think through possibilities, assess and manage risks, and ultimately select and plan the most effective strategies to achieve optimal results.


We provide integration services to implement solutions that leverage technologies, including: Strategy and Solution Adoption, Analysis, Implementation, Migration, Integration, Change Management and Training.


Our team has extensive experience in programming and customizing applications. We utilize the potential of Java technologies with a unique edge in WebSphere and XPages integration.


We offer a broad spectrum of technologies to help organizations translate their strategic business endeavors into IT initiatives and solutions that measurably improve performance and achieve success.

Why us ?

We are devoted to your satisfaction and take a great deal of pride in our work. Every specialist in our team is thoroughly trained and ready to help.

Know How and Expertise

Our team of senior consultants has tremendous business and technological expertise working with sound methodologies and project processes. Necando Solutions’ know how has been contributing to our customers’ success for over 10 years.

Track Record

Necando Solutions’ Track Record is immaculate: Since its creation, Necando Solutions has always successfully deliver solutions to its customers. Our team always delivers! Exceptional customer satisfaction is our greatest achievement.