Criminal Intelligence & Fraud Investigation

In the world of big data, threats are increasing in frequency, complexity, and potential damage. Whether investigating criminal or terrorist networks, monitoring activity across national borders, strengthening cyber security measures, targeting Criminal Organizations with Social Networking and Geospatial analysis or protecting yourself and your customers from fraud and financial crime, our solutions can help you turn large amounts of disparate data into actionable intelligence.

Delivering a successful intelligence solution requires domain knowledge and understanding of the intelligence cycle in order to fuse data from many places and several forms, to enable analysts to rapidly derive insight. Our solutions include elements such as the integration of heterogeneous, disparate data, identification and entity resolution, unstructured data, and situational awareness.

With many years of experience working with government agencies, financing and military customers, our understanding and experience will reduce implementation time and overall costs, deliver a more performant initial design, and enable us to educate your team through mentoring and knowledge transfer in order to maximize productivity gains.

Typical projects

  • IBM Identity Insight support and implementation
  • IBM i2 Environment Health check
  • IBM i2 resources upgrade and update
  • IBM i2 Analyst’s Notebook and iBase deployments
  • Database optimization
  • Hands-on training

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